Power Outages Happen.

Anything could cause your power to shut down.
Thunderstorms, Road construction and development, Car accidents, and more. Takes
place and happens all the time.
When it does, the top approach is to have a ready plan in place. Above all, an
emergency is only an emergency when you are not ready and equipped for it.
By means of using a battery backup by LG, you, your loved ones, and your staff will be
prepared for anything.

A Better Battery from LG Introducing the RESU10h.

Either it is for your home or business, the LG RESU10h backup battery will keep your
Power ON during an outage. A backup battery guarantees continuous power when the
power goes down. It turns on automatically – whether you are there or not. It all takes
place within a split second of losing power.
LG RESU1oh supplies up to 9.8kW of power. These small, low-profile units are set just
around any place and could be joined with up to two more units through the RESU Plus
Expansion kit to give you even more time for the period of an outage. Measure your
power as it requires to grow. Garland's Best Solar Panel and LG have the finest
solutions for you.  
With remote monitoring capabilities, you could view and manage your backup battery’s
status anywhere you are, at any time. 
Remember, it is only an emergency when you’re not ready and equipped for it.

Life is better without any outages and interruptions.

By using the RESU10h backup battery by LG, a power outage is a thing you only read
and hear about from others. The moment the power goes out, you don’t need to do
anything. Your battery will take over, and you could get back to business as nothing

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In case you are checking on solar for the first time or have an existing system, or
perhaps you want a standalone battery backup without solar, we could surely help you.
Our team of skilled and certified Account Managers, plus our licensed electricians, are
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